About Me & My Family

Hi, my name is Corby Eisbacher. I am married to Tracie, my beautiful wife of thirteen years, and we have a precious 9 year old daughter named Kaitlyn and another on the way. My wife's expected due date is December 25, 2012  . I grew up and still live in the great little town of Kernersville, NC. I work at Richard Hedgecocks Framing studio and have done so for the past 25 years, so it’s no surprise my passions are art and specialty framing. I was born with a built in love for the arts and the freedom that comes with the process of creating. As a sophomore in high school, in 1987, I was offered an opportunity to work part-time with Richard Hedgecock. That summer a seed was planted and a friendship was born. With a lot of guidance from Richard, and  life lessons learned ,that part-time job has blossomed into a love for custom framing that rivals the same passion I have for art.

          I have worked with all the different painting mediums, but my love is with watercolor. I have developed a glazing technique with watercolor over the years that people sometimes confuse with oil or pastel. Not only is the subject I paint important to me but color is the life I breathe into the painting. As you can see by my art my favorite subject matter is the human figure, especially children, and anything to do with sports. I try to paint when I can during the week but my favorite time is in the evening when my two angels are in bed. I can turn on my Christian contemporary music, grab a brush and get lost in the color. I thank the Lord every day for this gift of art and I thank you for allowing me to share it with you. Enjoy!