Window to the Soul - Collection


This Much Love

Hazel Eyes

Window of Hope

When The Spirit Shines

God Hears

Little Dreamer

Quiet Contemplation

Someone to Love

The Weight of the World

Straight to the Heart

The Warmth of His Love

Window to the Soul

If this was posed as a question, “What is the window to the soul?”  - I would answer your eyes and here is the brief story behind this collection.

It all started with a meeting with my friend Deric Cook.  I had just finished painting my Faith collection and now felt lost and empty on the inside.  Deric continued his witness to me and  invited me to Celebrate Recovery.  For those of you that want to know more about this Christian based program with a goal of overcoming habits - click on this link.

At Celebrate Recovery I was talking to Deric’s mom and she told me about a lot of interesting pictures from a recent Guyana mission trip.  I soon found myself mesmerized by these pictures of these children.  What really grabbed me and related to me were their eyes.

The Lord’s plan hit me, actually very hard, and I knew I needed to paint these kids.  So, the collection began in the summer of 2008.

Each child’s eyes tell their story.  A story of hope.   The first picture I drew was of the little girl I call "Hazel Eyes.”  I felt I could see her soul through her eyes and also her hope.  Yes, the expression on her face , her posture, her presence automatically triggers those to think she is in despair.  These kids are a lot stronger than their looks tell.  Look deep in her eyes and you see she has hope.  

I started to paint the Window to the Soul collection and it has actually been very therapeutic to me.  Of ten times I find myself reliving an abused childhood and now know how I can and am bettering myself.  

I have been blessed with this collection by also meeting Lisa Holbrook, the area director of Caroline’s Promise.  She was one of the organizers of the Guyana mission trip Deric went on and today I still support their cause of Reclaiming Hope for Orphans.

10% of all proceeds of these prints will go to Caroline’s Promise.  

Caroline's Promise also has sets of cards from the Windows to the Soul collection that you can purchase .   You will also find other cards benefiting Caroline's Promise with the art of my brother in Christ Alton Rumfelt.  Click here to learn more about these special cards.