Monday, December 13, 2010

Commissioned Work / Alma Taylor

I have been busy in the early mornings and evenings the past several weeks working on commissioned work.  It is called commissioned because someone has given me direction in an original piece they want.  I am so excited every time I get this opportunity.  Most of the work I accept has a deep heart felt meaning from the person that has requested it.  I listen to the details they are looking for and before any paint goes on the canvas I must really "feel it" before I paint.  I have some thoughts for upcoming posts to take you through the entire process.

I am working on a very special piece for a Christmas present that is about finished.  This is becoming one of my favorite pieces I have painted and will share with you once it is given.

I recently had an opportunity to paint for a very dear person Alma Taylor.  She stopped by the studio one day and asked if I would paint a picture of her lovely granddaughter.  I have known Alma for years and told her I would.  Alma then informed me that she had cancer and the doctors had not given her long to live.  Ever since I heard that I have been praying for Alma, her husband Melvin and their family. 

During times like these, God is especially there to comfort us.  You or I will never be able to explain why people get sickness and hard times.  I do know God has a plan for us. If we live the life we should as outlined in the Bible then one day we will be in Heaven.  Heaven will be such a wonderful place, with no pain and no suffering.  God bless Alma.