Saturday, June 4, 2011

" Dear One"

"Dear One"

Like the briskness of the wind how time flew by
as our friendships grew from within,
as much as the Lord is a part of me, 
that part of you also I am.

Through times of strife and insecurities
when you need a friend to care,
the presence of our friends are not secure
and they won't always be there!

Many of our interests were not the same
and at times we didn't fit in,
but our common love of our Father above
makes us brothers and sisters through the eyes of Him.

Put all your worries and cares upon him
and he will bare the load,
use the talents and gifts that He provides, 
not slowing down for the bumps you encounter along the road.

Shine your light upon all of those
you come in contact with along the way,
and may they see your your works and deeds
exemplified by your love for the Lord throughout each and every day.

And dear one most of all, 
with your presence I've been so blessed.
With your prayers and support each day
my life has been the best.

Richness and grace will follow you,
for this time we must depart,
but we'll all stay together in spirit and soul
with the love of the Lord firmly planted and blooming
deep within our heart.

Corby  Eisbacher 
copyright May 8, 1991


Trinity said...

beautiful words to live by! this poem moved me to tears!

corbysart said...

Praise God! So thankful you encouraged me to share these:-)))