Friday, December 3, 2010

Homemade Cookies for Saturdays Event

At Saturdays event you will get a chance to see some great art.  Several of my and Richard's originals will be on display.  Plus, the Eisbacher's have been busy making cookies so please stop by and get them at the show while the supplies last.

Tracie and Kaitlyn takes the careful, calculated baking approach and will have Peanut Blossom cookies and also M&M cookies (my 2 favorites.)  For me, I am not so calculated and am coming with what you may call Butterscotch haystacks, but I just call them easy.

OK - Cookie monster did not eat all the cookies (I did have my fair share.)  For the recipes please click this link to view and download them.  C U Saturday night.  Do not forget to register on the Dec. 2 post for the free framed print.